Our Vision

Committed to providing our customers with exceptional quality, highly nutritious and healthy products is of the utmost importance at Manolis Munchies. Our products have been carefully selected and sourced from local and international suppliers with which we have built strong relationships ensuring the consistent high quality you have come to know and love.
An enormous range consisting of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, sweets, cereal and biltong is available from the Manolis Munchies stores, or wholesale at S.A.H Agents & Distributors.

Company Profile

Established in 2000, S.A.H Agents & Distributors is a privately owned company.
Having built an excellent foundation and reputation for exceptional quality supplying and delivering to numerous businesses in the KZN region. Our customer base include Retail, Food service/Catering, Bakery, Confectionary, snack, re-packers and manufacturing sectors. The strong values and passionate nature of this family founded business have ensured their steady growth, trustworthiness and longevity.
Opening the doors of the first Manolis Munchies store in 2002, with rapid success, saw the opportunity to expand the brand, and since, another 3
stores have started trading, offering an extended variety and fantastic experience beyond the wholesale sector.
We are committed to quality and service and will always try to maintain our prices at competitive levels taking currency and exchange rates into account.